homemade pasta-1

    • lasagne

      The classic Bolognese style, layers of fresh pasta and bechamel sauce.

    • Emiliane

      300 THB

      bolognese sauce, bechamel, parmesan cheese

    • Vegetariane

      280 THB

      aubergines, mozzarella, parmesan cheese, tomato sauce

    • gnocchi

      Classic, home made potato Gnocchi.

    • Quattro Formaggi

      260 THB

      mixed cheese sauce

    • Rag├╣ Bolognese

      260 THB

      traditional Italian minced beef sauce

    • ravioli

      Pillows of fresh pasta stuffed with either seasoned pork mince or ricotta and spinach.

    • Boscaiola

      280 THB

      bacon, mushrooms, garlic, tomato sauce, parsley

    • Panna e Funghi

      280 THB

      mushrooms, onions, single cream, parmesan cheese

    • Pomodoro

      260 THB

      homemade tomato sauce, garlic, parsley